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I’m really really into this write up not only because of the lovely review and encouraging words provided by Mr. Larry Mizell Jr., but also because of the much needed message that opened this article.

The lack of care and awareness that we as a society have toward one another, is something to be more than concerned about. Whether it be unnecessary war conflict, cultural appropriation, or even the smallest amounts of drama that I notice on my newsfeed on a daily basis. Negativity seems to be a theme lately and I’m hoping that people start to realize that even the tiniest amount of love, can counteract hate. So with all of that being said, express random acts of love as frequently as possible, “tell people you love, that you love them like one of y’all was gonna die tomorrow. Dig extra hard for the stuff you like-art, music, safe places to vibe-and if you can’t find it, make it.”

The Capitol Hill Block Party is just a couple of days away, who’s coming? We’re playing this Friday night (July 25th) on The Neumos Stage at 11:15pm.  

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I’m really grateful to be a part of The Creative Advantage campaign, recognizing the importance of music and arts education for all students. You can also donate to the campaign when buying your tickets for The Capitol Hill Block Party! Let’s do this Seattle. #CreativeSeattle


Shaprece - Molting

hey so the ep is up on noisetrade for a free download and you can leave a tip for the artist and basically go download and listen to the entire thing and leave a tip because she’s super fucking cool okay


The smoothest gradient we’ve ever printed belongs to these awesome SHAPRECE tees. Her MOLTING ep just dropped on NOISETRADE, check it out! (at A Small Print Shop)