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Research drugs are the chemicals that have not been matured yet and are still on the development stages. It also means that their long term and short term effects are not completely known. However, the pharmacologists all around the globe are working hard on finding the ultimate repercussions that these drugs can bring. Through sharing the results of their experiments, more drugs are designed and experimented. This process leads to the manufacturing of the most optimum drug. Some of these drugs include Methylone and 4-CMC. Both of these drugs are being used in research facilities and are one of the favorite drugs of the researchers.

Both 4-CMC and methylone are legal research chemicals and belong to the family of stimulant drugs. These drugs increase energy and alter the physiological state of organism consuming the drugs. Both cause euphoria and are ‘uppers’ drugs. However, there are some differences too. Their characteristics are discussed separately in the following paragraphs. 

4-CMC increases social amiability. Also, it enhances the sexual desires. Excitement and babbling are other effects of consuming 4-CMC. Oral administration is the common method of using this drug. Some side effects include assertiveness, hostility, sulkiness, skin irritation, and loss of appetite, sleep deficiency, visual and auditory hallucinations. Therefore, it is important to consume it only in the prescribed quantities and the frequency should not be exceeded than the recommended one.

Methylone is another legal research chemical. It is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant drug. It is an anti-depressant.  It can be administered into body through a number of ways including oral, intranasal and intravenous etc.  It causes euphoria, mood lift, increased feelings of love and empathy. It can also cause pupil dilation and increased perspiration. Muscle tension, increased perspiration, increased heart rate, anxiety and paranoia are some of the side effects of using this drug. Not every individual consuming it has to suffer from these issues. But it is important to be careful while taking the dose. Neither the quantity should be increased nor the frequency.

Methylone is sold as a psychoactive drug and is available in different forms like bath salts or similar legal packaging. Methylone is relatively mild and there are no long term damages included. However, its use must be restricted for the research purposes where its effects can be controlled and observed. Sometimes it is used as a substitute of MDMA due to their pharmacological similarities but they are not completely same and give different results.

These drugs are suitable to be used on their own. However, making their compounds without researching properly might cause a serious damage. Therefore, it is necessary that before using them in combination it must be made sure that the combination is harmless and should not be tried otherwise.  

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